Math 10 is a foundation course that covers algebra, rate of change, trigonometry, and how to connect math tools with real world problems.

FOM11 explores, geometry, financial math, data, and how math can aid decision making. FOM12 is often requirement for training programs in the trades and humanities. Students are expected to have a reasonable understanding of Math 10.

Precalculus 11 explores how algebra can show connections between powers and radicals, and how trigonometry and quadratic functions are related to real world problems. Students are expected to understand the algebra, graphing, and trigonometry taught in grade 10.

FOM12 introduces probabilistic thinking, the use of mathematical models to aid decision making (including financial decisions), and aims to foster a deeper geometric appreciation of the world. Learners are expected to have a strong understanding of FOM11 or Precalculus 11.

Precalc 12 prepares you for a future in science, medicine, engineering, or tech. It explores how inverses are used to solve equations, generalizes function families with transformations, and uses function notation as a language. Students are expected to strongly understand precalc 11.