These courses are still in session, however no new students will be accepted.

What do the Pythagorean theorem, fractions, and equations all have in common? They let us reason, analyze, communicate, represent, and ultimately explore beautiful problems.

Can you represent continuous linear relationships? Can you connect similar shapes together with proportions? Can you analyze and represent data?

From DNA to energy, chemistry and the big bang, this is a fun course that prepares students for senior courses in science!

Apply proportional reasoning as it relates to finance, geometry, and measurement. Learn the power of representing data in different ways to find relationships. Finally, build flexibility with number which will allow you to find meaning, confidence, and understanding.

What are the basic building blocks of matter? How are substances transformed from one form to another? Chemistry 11 is an introduction into atoms, bonds, and chemical reactions which are the foundation for many other fields including biology and engineering.

Explore different perspectives of life, from the microscopic (cells and DNA) to the biggest picture (evolution and taxonomy). Life sciences 11 explores human disease (bacteria and viruses), the process by which DNA expresses our traits, and the great diversity of living things and the ways we try to meaningfully group them.

Precalculus 11 explores how algebra can show connections between powers and radicals, and how trigonometry and quadratic functions are related to real world problems. Students are expected to understand the algebra, graphing, and trigonometry taught in grade 10.