How to Write Tests and Exams


How to Write Tests or Exams

Exam Types

Within most courses, there are practice quizzes and major exams.

Practice Quizzes

Typically, the practice quizzes can be done at home and are for your own practice (though they may count towards your final grade in a minor way).  These should be written without the assistance of your books, notes or course resources if possible.  If you are stuck on a question, you can look for help, but you should treat these quizzes as practice for major exams and try to complete them without any extra help.

Major Exams

The major exams (e.g. Unit Exams, Module Exams, Midterms and/or Finals) must be done in a controlled environment to ensure the quality and authenticity of your final course grade.  These exams are closed book unless otherwise indicated.  For some exams you may be able to use a formula sheet.  You can check with your instructor if you are unsure what you are permitted to use during an exam.

These exams have passwords attached to them, which can be entered by an approved invigilator.


Your online school:   Contact your school to set up a time to write the exam.

Home school:  If you are a student at another school, you can write an exam with a school test supervisor.  You will need to fill out a Test Supervisor Form and submit it to your online school so the tests and/or test passwords can be sent to your school test supervisor.  Once you have done this, you can track them down and arrange a time to write your exam.

Other: If the first two suggestions do not work, you are responsible for arranging an invigilator.  Other online schools within the province will accommodate you.  You can ask within your home school or college for a volunteer invigilator.  Direct family is typically not approved.  Once you've arranged an invigilator, fill in the Test Supervisor Form and submit it to your online school.  If approved, your test supervisor will be sent the necessary information for assisting you with your exam.


If you have any questions about your test or exam, please contact your teacher!

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